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Revision Date: 11/27/2001

* Current Missions *

Mission Goal - Outcome
11/07/1996 US Mars Global Surveyor 09/11/1997 This orbiter mission is currently studying the atmosphere, surface and interior of Mars. The orbiter began its mapping mission in March 1999 following a year long period of aerobraking into the proper mapping orbit. The primary mapping mission concluded in January 2001. The spacecraft is now in an extended mission phase.
07/04/1998 Japan Nozomi
11/2003 The purpose of this orbiter mission is to study the upper atmosphere of Mars and the ways in which it interacts with the solar wind. Its arrival at Mars has been significantly delayed because it failed to reach the required velocity after Earth swing-by.
04/07/2001 US 2001 Mars Odyssey 10/23/2001 Formerly known as Mars Surveyor '01 Orbiter, this is a 3 year orbiter mission to study surface chemistry and mineralogy, and measure the orbital radiation environment of Mars. The spacecraft arrived at Mars on Oct. 23, 2001 and began its process of aerobraking to achieve its final mapping orbit. The spacecraft should be in its final mapping orbit and begin its science operations in January 2002.

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