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When the Astrodigital site was created in 1999, it was done so with two principal purposes in mind. The primary purpose of the Astrodigital web site was to disseminate educational materials in the areas of astronomy, space exploration, Mars, planetary science and programming. The secondary purpose was to provide a home for Chicago-area space advocacy groups, such as the local chapters of the National Space Society and the Mars Society. Subsequently, the site took on the additional role of providing information about my role in the JPL Solar System Ambassador program.

The main Astrodigital site underwent its first overhaul in December 2006. The primary purpose of this was to update the site coding to current XHTML standards. The look and feel of the pages and site navigation were also updated to take advantage of CSS functionality.

Call for Article Submissions

If you have written an article on a subject relevant to one of this web site's subject areas and would like to see it published here, please send your submission to the address given on the Contact page.

Web Page Design

The Astrodigital web pages have been designed for simplicity, maximum compatibility, and to minimize transfer times. Graphics are used sparingly and no use is made of multimedia. To maintain focus, no banner or pop-up ads are used on these sites. Javascript is used sparingly in the design of the various subsites. Java applets are used to implement several specialized applications.

Update: Beginning December 2006, each of the individual Astrodigital web sites will be undergoing renovation. The primary purpose of this overhaul is to update the HTML to bring it in line with current standards. The main Astrodigital site pages were the first to receive this treatment. These pages now conform to the following standards:

Encoding: iso-8859-1
Doctype: XHTML 1.0 Transitional
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Contacting Astrodigital

For questions, problems, or to be added to our site update notification list, please send an email to the address listed on the Contact page.

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