Computer Humor: Buying Brains?

In the future, our technology will have advanced to the point where it won't just be our computers that get upgraded - it may also be possible to get our own brains refreshed. This is a story from that future.

The hero of our story, let's call him Bill, decides to go to the brain transplant clinic to refresh his supply of brains. At the clinic, Bill is confronted by the virtual sales entity.

Entity:"May I assist you Sir?"

Bill:"Yes, I'm interested in getting some new brains."

Entity:"What professional classification do you seek Sir?"

Bill:"I'm looking for brains for the computing professional."

Entity:"Yes, we have brains at the following market prices:
Programmer brains are 20 credits per ounce;
Sysadmin brains are 30 credits per ounce and
Analyst brains are 500 credits per ounce."

Bill:"500 an ounce! Jeesh, why are the Analyst brains so high priced?"

Entity:"It takes a lot more analysts to harvest an ounce of brains sir."

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