Digital Excursions Site Map

This Site Map was created as a personal aid during the web site creation process.

Note that the About, Contact, and Search pages are not listed here as those pages are a part of the Astrodigital parent site and not a part of Digital Excursions.

The Site Map is organized alphabetically by page name

Section Page Name Page Title Link
Humor achtung.html Computer Humor: Just Watch the Pretty Lights Link
WYSIWYG aixhelp.html Some Useful UNIX Commands Link
Web Designbadpagedesign.html How Not to Design A Web Page Link
WYSIWYG billgates.html And Then Bill Gates Said Link
Humor buybrains.html Computer Humor: Buying Brains? Link
WYSIWYG checkvm.html Check your Java Virtual Machine Version Link
Web Designcleanwebsitedesign.htmlClean Web Site Design Link
Humor dangerousvirus.html Computer Humor: Dangerous Virus Link
Mainframe ebcdic.html The EBCDIC Character Table Link
HTML embedimg.html HTML: Embed Images and Image captions within a Text Stream Link
Humor flowchart.html Computer Humor: Problem Solving and Blame Avoidance FlowchartLink
HTML html.html HTML Articles and Tutorials Index Link
HTML htmlart.html Using HTML Tables to Create Art Link
HTML htmlcolors.html HTML Color Table Link
Humor humor.html Computer Humor Index Link
Humor ibmms.html Computer Humor: Tale of the IBM vs Microsoft Programmers Link
Home index.html Digital Excursions Into Computer Programming and Web DesignLink
HTML iso8859.html HTML ISO8859-1 Code Table Link
Links links.html Computing and Programming Resource Links Link
Mainframe mainframe.html IBM Mainframe Articles and Tutorials Link
Humor management.html Humor: Corporate America's Management Practices Link
Humor pentium_hal.html Computer Humor: Pentium HAL in 2001.0000001 Link
Mainframe rexxfindstring.html REXX Find a String In a PDS Link
Mainframe rexxhexmath.html REXX HEX Math Link
Mainframe sas_oneput.html One PUT Does It All Link
Mainframe sas_codingputs.html SAS Tutorial: Coding PUTs Without Coding PUTs Link
Mainframe sas_codingputs_listing1.htmlListing 1: The SAS Program Source Code Link
Mainframe sas_codingputs_listing2.htmlListing 2: The SAS Job Run Output Link
Mainframe sas_codingputs_listing3.htmlListing 3: The Contents of file JPLAXCO.P.HDRS(WS9605)Link
Mainframe sas_codingputs_listing4.htmlListing 4: The HDRIN Macro Source Code Link
Mainframe sas_codingputs_listing5.htmlListing 5: The SAS MULTIC Macro Source Code Link
Mainframe sas_codingputs_listing6.htmlListing 6. The Report Output Link
Mainframe sas_oneput.html One PUT Does It All Link
Web Designshortvslongpages.html One Long Page vs Multiple Short Pages? Link
Site Map sitemap.html Digital Excursions Site Map Link
Humor theplan.html Computer Humor: The Plan Link
Web Designwebdesign.html Web Design Articles Index Link
Web Designwebsitechecklist.html Web Site Check List Link
WYSIWYG win2000.html Can You Trust Windows 2000 Link
WYSIWYG wysiwyg.html WYSIWYG Section Index Link