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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a shadow of its former self. Back in the old days, HTML was the key to web page design. HTML tables were used to organize the web page into distinct areas. For example, the page header would go into one table cell, navigation into another, and page content into another. The presentation was also controlled by HTML. Italics, bold, size, color, font were all specified by various attributes of various HTML tags. No more. HTML has been supplanted by the tag team XHTML and CSS. This site uses XHTML and CSS to control the layout of the pages and the appearance of the content

HTML Tutorials and Articles

HTML Tables
Tutorial on creating HTML tables.
Embedding Images in Text
A tutorial from the old days on how to use HTML to imbed images within a text stream.
Using HTML Tables to Create Art
An article about using the HTML table tag to create geometric digital art.

HTML Reference Tables

HTML Color Table
A table identifying the hex rgb color code, color name, and colors for the web safe color set.
HTML ISO8859-1 Code Table
The table of ISO8859-1 entities.